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Lalita Ke Aansoo (English Translation of Hindi Epic)

Tears Of Lalita
(English translation of Lalita Ke Aansoo)

Originally this epic was published in 1978 in Hindi. I translated it into English and got it published in 1984 for the first time in India by Kimva Prakashan Moradabad.

Here I am posting the introductory chapter. Its original Hindi version was posted earlier on 11th of January 2012.

P.S. I am pleased to inform that this Epic "Lalita Ke Aansoo"was ranked 86th amongst Top 100 Epics Of The World.


O sacred symbol of propriety! O celestial dwelling of humanity!
O peerless man of present History! Shastri! I salute your sovereignity!!

You saw tomorrow of motherland, and did not care for your life's today.
This were you, who never ignored; the call of human-heart anyway.

You saw the luster of shining stars, and not only looked at desolate sky.
You endured deep disaster of autumn, and did not entangle with spring's eye.

You always revered intellect, no doubt; and never venerated before any image.
You collided thoughout life for doctrines, and did not destest with religious phase.

You learned to walk on burning embers, with bare feet and smiling face.
You always learned to nourish properly, in every scarcity of life and race.

You called indigence a boon, not curse; and left no scope for any conscience.
You saw from within the cottage even, and not only looked at big mansions.

You incarnated on earth as scientist, to search the truth, faith and composure.
You never looked at external cover, but saught its internal shining lusture.

You not only got the delicate love, of Shrimati Lalita Shastri,your wife.
You also got the fondling of mother, Ram Dulari throughout your life.

You drove the chariot of statecraft, but could'nt succeed to get its goal.
You were of course done to death, and could'nt return your land with soul.

You did not die but became eternal, this firm belief I do have but.
The slogan "Jai Kisan" was left undone, now who is there to look after it?

You were the smiling rosy blossom, but blighted in the scorching sun.
You aimed the arrow right at target, but missed the game in the last run.

The way that was not left in battle, how it was abondoned in the peace!
The heart that was so solemnised, then say, how it was broken in twich!

This very question protrudes as doubt, in every mind and every heart.
But helpless history is still taciturn, it does not annotate somewhat.

The arduous problem that statesmen, could not solve in eighteen years.
Not even a single foe of India, could comlicate you due to fear.

This were you who solved that problem, within the eighteen months of rule.
The entire forces had fallen over enemy, what a fire you have fired in the fuel!

Within short period of your regime, the country roared in its full range.
Wherever you casted your distinct vision, blood of youths accepted the challange.

At the rending time of your departure, surface of earth was wet with tears.
Even the holy history was oozed, with the tributes sent from all spheres.

O Lal Bahadur! brave son of soil! on your all the time departures date.
This little book with agrrieved heart, to Shrimati Lalita, I dedicate.

11 January 1978 Vijay Ghat New Delhi India   *Krant M.L.Verma

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Where could I buy the original book?
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