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Hunger strike in the jail by Kakori Prisoners

Hunger strike in the jail
As per Kakori Conspiracy Case file the Judgement was given on 6th of April 1927 at Lucknow.After the final judgement of court the Group Photograph of condemned prisoners alongwith other accused was taken and all the accused were sent to the different jails of United Province. They were asked to put off their cloths and wear the jail dress like other prisoners. All the accused revolutionaries protested this jail order and started hunger strike on the first day. Their plea was quite genuine. They argued that since the all have been charged to overturn the British Rule and have been punished under section 120(B) & 121(A) hence they should be treated as Political Prisoners and provided the same facilities in the Jails.
The details of their hunger stike are given hereunder
Name of the Prisoner
Name of the Jail
Ram Prasad BismilGorakhpur Central Jail
Roshan SinghAllahabad Jail
Ram Nath PandeyRaibareli District Jail
Prem Krishna KhannaDehradun District Jail
Suresh Chandra BhattacharyaAgra Central Jail
Ram Krishna KhatriAgra Central Jail
Mukundi LalBareilly District Jail
Raj Kumar SinhaBareilly District Jail
Jogesh Chandra ChatterjeeFatehgarh Jail
Ram Dulare TrivediFatehgarh Jail
Govind Charan KarFatehgarh Jail
Manmath Nath GuptaNaini Allahabad Jail
Vishnu Sharan DublishNaini Allahabad Jail
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ऊपर दिये गये चित्र में क्रान्तिकारियों के नाम इस प्रकार हैं:

१.योगेशचन्द्र चटर्जी, २.प्रेमकृष्ण खन्ना, ३.मुकुन्दीलाल,४.विष्णुशरण दुबलिश, ५.सुरेशचन्द्र भट्टाचार्य,६.रामकृष्ण खत्री,७.मन्मथनाथ गुप्त, ८.राजकुमार सिन्हा,९.ठाकुर रोशनसिंह,१०.पंडित रामप्रसाद 'बिस्मिल',११.राजेंद्रनाथ लाहिड़ी, १२.गोविन्दचरण कर,१३.रामदुलारे त्रिवेदी,  १४.रामनाथ पाण्डेय,१५.शचीन्द्रनाथ सान्याल,१६.भूपेंद्रनाथ सान्याल,१७.प्रणवेशकुमार चटर्जी.


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