Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lamps of Pain (English Translation of वेदना के दीप)


This is the English translation of  premier lyric of my book VEDNA KE DEEP which was published in my another book स्वप्न भ्रंश / DEAD DREAM in 1994 (2nd Edition) from KIMVA PRAKASHAN, NOIDA.

I lit the lamps of uncommon pain.

Morn of your notion had taken away,
The night of dreams towards a dawn.
Laughed my lips having eyes' perception,
That you would not now leave me alone.

But the cruel night launching an arrow,
Roused the agony of my sentiment.
Why did thou touch the sky? tell me,
Leaving my horizon and killing attachment.

Rest is the will to die, no lust,
I have quenched my every thrust.
Void is the oyster and pearls are drain,
I lit the lamps of uncommon pain.

So as to fulfill my accomplishment,
I did continued walking on the way.
But the hurdles always block my track,
And stop the outcoming feeling's ray.

Don't be perplexed of such hinderance,
You are not to get here any repose.
Flow as much as you can, O stream!
You are to get peace in last pose.

O beetle do'nt disclose my distress,
Otherwise there won't be any dawn.
Smearing with tears my every strain,
I lit the lamps of uncommon pain.


Babu Ram said...

20 December ko Milaa, Humko Yeh Uphaar.
Huaa 'KRANT' Ke Roop Main, Bismil Kaa Avataar.

Janmdin Bahut-bahut Mubaarak Ho.

Babu Ram

KRANT M.L.Verma said...

कविर्मनीषी परिभू स्वयंभू,क्रान्तस्य जन्मं अवतारमुचित:! प्रिय बन्धु निश्चित तव भावनायाम,यदि यो न पश्यति खलु स: विमूढ़:!!

A poet is self portrait of God, whatever he observes, is the site of that unseen spirit. You have called me an incarnation of Ram Prasad Bismil, that,s true. If someone does not see any essence of truth in that spirit, certainly he is duffer.

I regard your feelings. Thanks,