Saturday, March 30, 2013



Dear Friends!

This is the English version of my Hindi Poem "दर्द बहुत बाकी था" from my book "Vedna Ke Deep" awarded by Bhawani Prasad Mishra Samman in 2002.

The same poem was included in the other book of mine titled as
"स्वप्न भ्रंश/Dead Dream". Since the events in our life are so common that they can not be forgotten by any body.

I am posting this poem for the international viewers who off and on call me on phone and want to read some of the most wonderful mishappenings in my life.

God knows better I can not guess,
What were the moments that departed us.
Had you listened to me at least,
I had gross of grief to tell.

Though we both were dumb and deaf,
Yet some signs were in between us.
In order to share our joy and grief,
We were at par to fairly dicuss.

But the cruel wave kept apart us so,
That way now we can not go.
Had there been no flow of ego,
I had plenty of plot to spell.

You took revenge till life unto me,
Such was not the fault of mine.
No doubt I kept myself mum,
It does'nt mean I confessed fine.

What was known to me till then, 
That friendship would fade all of sudden.
Had you taken me into your heart,
I had a lot of love to dispel. 

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KRANT M.L.Verma said...

A friend of mine phoned me to read its Hindi translation. I have posted it now on this blog at which everybody can see now.