Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bismil and Bhagat Singh - Best Icon of all times

Bhagat Singh's Sigh

Bhagat Singh, immediately after the death sentence of Ram Prasad Bismil, wrote an article which had appeared in the Punjabi Journal Kirtee in its January 1928 issue. Since it is a historic document hence it is reproduced hereunder for our readers
Its Hindi version is given in my book Swadhinta Sangram Ke Krantikari Sahitya Ka Itihas (Part I page 321). 
Just see what Bhagat Singh writes about Bismil: (English translation by Sita Ram Madhopuri) 

Shri Ram Prasad Bismal

By Vidrohi*

Shri Ram Prasad Bismal was a very promising young man. He was a great poet. He was very handsome. His capability was of very high order. Those who knew him would say confidently that  if he had been born in some other country or at some other time, he would have become the Commander-in-Chief of the Army. He was regarded the leader of the entire conspiracy. Though he was not very highly educated, he could make the government counsels like Pt. Jagat Narayan Mulla lose his wits. He had written his own appeal to the Chief Court, for which the Judges had to say that behind this was the hand of some very enlightened intellectual.

*Vidrohi was the fake name of Bhagat Singh moreover its only a part of his article in Kirtee.


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