Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Krant M.L.Verma twitts

Friends for the last one & a half month I have been twitting on twitter. Few excerpts are posted here.

English DOHA (दोहा)

One Bapu Gandhi became, other the Asaram:
Seeing their evildom, people say He Ram!

One experimented the truth, slept nude with girls;
Other raped his disciple, deed of devils.

It is in Hindi also

यक बापू गान्धी हुए, दूजे आसाराम;
कैसी करतूतें करीं, दोनों ने - हे राम!

नंगे सोकर एक ने, सच से किये प्रयोग;
दूजे ने जमकर किया, शिष्या से सम्भोग!

My question to all of you

Whether he be M.K.Gandhi or Asa Ram both were called by their supporters as Bapu.
But what did they do in their old age? Was it appraisable?

We don't require such type of saints who are a blot on the sacred sheet of Hindu dharma.
It doesn't allow such type of bloody rogues.

मुख-मैथुन जैसा घृणित, काम करे यदि सन्त;
फौरन गोली मारकर, उसका कर दो अन्त!

आसूमल तक ठीक था, पहले उसका नाम;
राम लगाकर क्यों किए, उसने उल्टे काम?

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