Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pseudo Secularism

छद्म धर्मनिरपेक्षता

धर्म-अर्थ-काम- मोक्ष,  चार पुरुषारथ  बनायेथे  मनीषियोंने  इसमें भी  राज  था.
धर्मसे थाअर्थ, अर्थसे जुड़ाथा काम, कामसे ही मोक्षपानेमें जुटाहुआ समाज था.
धर्मके विरुद्ध कुछ बोलना भी पापथा,  हमारी येपरम्पराथी, रीति थी, रिवाज था.
कहें'क्रान्त'   नायकों ने धर्मही मिटादियाहै, धर्म-निरपेक्ष कभी देशमें न राज था.



Being secular implies of or relating to the worldly or temporal, and not being overtly or specifically religious. That is, a secular person is equally far away from all religions.

In India, secularism has come to mean being equally close to all religions. Nothing wrong with that, if it were true. In practice, secularism means favouring all religions but Hinduism, and hence the term pseudo-secularism, or, the false secularism.-Chaturbhuj Vani

KRANT M.L.Verma said...

Prof.Sahab! I think you have not clearly taken the meaning of what I have narrated in this poem.Whatsoever you have uttered here is nothing but the meaning of SECULARISM taken from English dictionery and accordigly pleaded the idea of constitution by our so called secularist leaders.


Bhai Saheb I respect your comment. you may be right about my non-understanding of the content of your poem.Being a learner I am desirous to know deeply about secularism/pseudo secularism but from where and from whom? I think, first we have to define what secularism means within Indian context before we we start arguing who is secular and who is pseudo-secular.i will highly appreciate your good gesture in uplifting my meager knowledge.