Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Alternative

The Alternative
(English Version of Vikalp)

That day the trend of country will change,
When its youth will accept the challange.

No one can do any thing in life,
Until & unless he does'nt resolve.
A resolve can not emerge in mind,
Until it is sound enough to evolve.

How will the body be sound enough,
Body of whose is lean an thin.
How will survive culture there,
Where the one third race is din.

This is the land where Shiva was born,
And Pratap loitered in forest throughout.
Patriot-Poet of Pen and Pistol,
Bismil was enough to kick them out.

The British Empire was shaken from within,
By Kakori Conspiracy Case so badly.
He sacrificed himself but to masses he gave,
The message that brought here dawn so early.

The lion-hearted Azad who put to task,
The highest rank and file of forces.
Bhagat Singh's body was whipped to blood,
Yet his conscience never became a witness.

Of which clay were really made they,
Who did not bow but given away.
Their lives for sake of country's health,
And we are running after women & wealth!

Today's youth is blindly running,
Aftere every sort of luxurious life.
Forgetting his golden culture he takes,
The western brass in the arms as wife.

What's going on in the country today,
He does'nt think but minds his business.
Any one may do whatsoever he may,
He won't bother but keeps his mistress.

His only job is to cut accross shelter,
Whether it be right or wrong, no maatter.
He can call even ass - "O Father!"
Anyhow be all the way his favour.

Not even a single Leader in such a big Nation,
Everyone is keeping up his Image better.
Seldom are Poets who speak up the Truth,
Otherwise most are Joker or Singer.

If every youth wants our country be greater,
Then each one of us will have to correct,
Himself. otherwise in future, no doubt,
We will lose again like past, it's a fact.


ZEAL said...


That day the trend of country will change,
When its youth will accept the challange...

Great thought indeed !

I feel the time has come where our youth are taking up challenges gladly and voluntarily. They have the will to change the corrupt system and make the world worth living.


KRANT M.L.Verma said...

When the doctors like Zeal from the countries abroad like Thailand are understandind the dire need of the time I am confident enough that this scenario would certainly take a drastic turn in the near future.