Monday, May 21, 2012

Rhymes of Emergency



How the people are frightened today,
Hardly they whisper at home about sway.

Even God can't say-who,when and where,
Holds them hence they seldom go away.

Censorship has been thrust upon press,
Facts are totally banned now-a-day.

You can't meet the bosses in office,
To their attendants until something you pay.

They are keeping up for better,
"Yes Madam!" "Yes Madam!" only who say.


How you talk of light, it's dark,
Truth can never be put into ark.

Suns and Moons are held behind,
The bars and stars are enjoying the lark.

The taciturn weather is everywhere,
Nobody dares to pass any remark.

How can I say tomarrow will be bright,
While our today is blackend stark.

In this dumb and cheerless dwelling,
Deaf is the man as he can not hark.


In this cruel clad uniform yellowish,
None seems me to be kind to us.

Here, there, else and everywhere,
Clubs and clubs are seen in focus.

Such is the terror of autopatrollers,
Neither you can talk nor freely discuss.

Even the Constable pokes as S.P.
Rank and file don't exist thus.

Roads are clear and crossings bare,
Ever busy markets don't gather rush.


Here, there and everywhere is a hush,
Whole of country is hemmed into hush.

You are talking to sacrifice head,
Body from within is tritened by hush.

After being hurt they did not cry,
Perhaps their wounds are healed by hush.

It does'nt let them feel anything,
It seems their hearts are cooled in a hush.

Seeing myself alone in the masses,
I too myself is to keep in a hush.


In order to keep them sit for ever,
Populace is cruelly thrown into oven.

Should I say rather best or worst,
Country is totally spoiled and trodden.

Keeping all away the law and justice.
Innocents are badly beaten and broken.

O my God! the masses has become,
A pony's back who is badly loaden.

God knows when the revolt will recur,
And freedom be restored to men & women.

Note: These ryhmes were written by me when the emergency was imposed in India by the then Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi. While it was not necessory at all. Any way, the country saw its consequences. I am seeing the same situations again in the universe. Be prepared for that.

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